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This magazine was created on the foundation of those who love to travel and enhance their lifestyle by trying new and exciting things. If you share the same passion as us, then you have picked the right magazine!

SEQA operates on the motto – Travel, Leisure, Lifestyle – which means that everything in our magazine relates to these three key elements. When we talk about travel we not only focus on the destination, but also the journey, from different forms of transport to the sights and towns you will pass on the way. For us, leisure is about focusing on the activities that you can participate in, whether you are young or old, no matter what state you live in or how much spare time you have. We all like to add a little something extra to our lifestyles so we will bring you new and exciting experiences you can indulge in to enhance your current way of life.

Here you will find the latest magazine edition and a variety of articles including overseas and domestic travel, recipes, hotel & restaurant reviews, the latest products to enhance your lifestyle, business that provide guests with unique experience and many, many more!

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